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At the centre of the whirlwind, atmospheric pressure is less than it is in the surrounding air, but the decrease is not large. Pressure drops of a few hectopascals a few tenths of a pound per square inch are typical in dust devils. Standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is about kilopascals, or The axis of rotation in a whirlwind is usually vertical, but it may be inclined.

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In small whirls, the direction of rotation may be either clockwise or counterclockwise. In larger whirls, outside forces may dictate that one direction of rotation dominates. A mature whirlwind may be divided into three vertical regions. Region 1 is a shallow boundary layer extending up a few tens of centimetres from the ground.

It is here that air flows inward, sweeping dust and small detritus into the vortex core. Frictional effects are strong in this layer, limiting the inflow and so preventing the low-pressure core of the vortex from filling from below. Above the shallow boundary layer is Region 2, that of a stable vortex approaching cyclostrophic balance.

Cyclostrophic balance is a dynamic equilibrium in which the inward-directed pressure-gradient force is balanced by the outward-directed centrifugal force , allowing air to flow readily around the vortex but not to move easily toward or away from the axis of circulation. Region 3 begins where the top of the vortex becomes destabilized and the turbulent air diffuses with height. Buoyancy forces are strong in Region 3, preventing the vortex core from filling from above.

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The upper end of a whirlwind almost always terminates in some form of strong convective phenomenon, usually an updraft. Occasionally a very strong dust devil that forms in relatively moist air will terminate in a convective cloud. Perhaps the most ubiquitous whirlwind is the dust devil. It is likely that quite a few of these small vortices are present in the lowest several hundred metres of the atmosphere on many days, but only the rare ones that pick up detritus from the surface are seen. Certainly every summer, hundreds of thousands of dust devils form and travel across the arid and semiarid regions of the world.

Observers report dust whirls almost daily during the hot season over the Sahara as well as the arid regions of Australia and the southwestern United States. They also are common over sections of India and the Middle East. Dust devils occur most frequently under hot, clear-sky conditions with light winds. Such environments give rise to a strong heat flux from the hot surface of the Earth to the lowest layers of the atmosphere. This energy is absorbed by the atmosphere to produce a highly unstable layer near the ground.

Release of the energy stored in this unstable layer leads to the formation of thermal plumes large parcels of hot air rising from the surface. A dust devil draws on this stored energy to develop and then maintain itself. A light wind is required to start rotation in the rising plume. When dissipative forces, such as surface friction and eddy interaction with the environment , exceed the available energy, the whirlwind is destroyed. The stability of the surface layer of the atmosphere does not depend on its actual temperature, but on the rate of change of temperature with height in the layer.

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Water 1. Tapu Bulu. Water 3.

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  6. MD GtI. It blows away an enemy straight back. It blows an enemy away in a straight line. The user blows a large gust of wind at the opponent or an attack. Butterfree flaps its wings and a strong gust is created from them.

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    Ash's Butterfree. Clefairy and the Moon Stone. Ritchie's Happy. A Friend in Deed. Lisa's Butterfree. Spell of the Unown: Entei. Zander's Butterfree. Caterpie's Big Dilemma. Zubat flaps its wings at a high speed and a strong gust of wind is created from them. Brock's Zubat. Japanese version only. Pidgeotto flaps its wings and a strong gust is created from them. Ash's Pidgeotto.

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    Venomoth flaps its wings and a strong gust is released from them. Assunta's Venomoth.

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    Friends to the End. Pidgeot flaps its wings and a strong gust of wind is created from them. Falkner's Pidgeot. Fighting Flyer with Fire. Noctowl flaps its wings and a strong gust of wind is created from them. Ash's Noctowl. Carrying On! Pidgey flaps its wings and a strong gust of wind is created from them. Malachi's Ken. Skarmory flaps its wings and a gust of wind strong enough to stop attacks comes out of them.

    a whirlwind of emotions/activity etc

    A wild Skarmory. Delibird's Dilemma. At the sight of the Marionette kicking and squirming like a young whirlwind , the Serpent laughed so heartily and so long that at last he burst an artery and died on the spot. Fortunately, the ground where the tent had been pitched, being Just before the city gates, was hard and smooth; and while the Ant still crawled about, Glinda discovered it and ran quickly forward to effect its capture But, Just as her hand was descending, the Witch, now fairly frantic with fear, made her last transformation, and in the form of a huge Griffin sprang through the wall of the tent -- tearing the silk asunder in her rush -- and in a moment had darted away with the speed of a whirlwind.

    This same thing was repeated once more; and it fetched such a whirlwind of applause that Sir Sagramor lost his temper, and at once changed his tactics and set him- self the task of chasing me down. At last the door, loosed, was blown wide open, flinging Miss Wilson and Agatha back, and admitting a whirlwind that tore round the hall, snatched at the women's draperies, and blew out the lights.

    Recall these impressions, and you will readily appreciate what Gringoire felt on contemplating, beneath her visible and palpable form, that Esmeralda of whom, up to that time, he had only caught a glimpse, amidst a whirlwind of dance, song, and tumult.

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    Tom fretted and chafed awhile in a whirlwind of disorganizing sensations and emotions, and finally said, with something like settled conviction: View in context. All were fully engrossed with the affairs of the day; Athos could not therefore have chosen a more inauspicious moment to speak of his friends -- poor atoms, lost in that raging whirlwind.

    And the royal master of high latitudes sighs mightily, with the sinking sun upon his breast and the double-edged sword upon his knees, as if wearied by the innumerable centuries of a strenuous rule and saddened by the unchangeable aspect of the ocean under his feet - by the endless vista of future ages where the work of sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind shall go on and on till his realm of living waters becomes a frozen and motionless ocean.