VMware vSphere 5® Building a Virtual Datacenter (VMware Press Technology)

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The migration will take four weeks. PlateSpin Migrate is selected for the P2V migration because the potential period of time for service interruptions is very narrow.

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This tool is chosen instead of VMware Converter because it allows the differential synchronization of physical machines to ESXi servers by using planned tasks. Using the same tool, it is also possible to start a target VM and test it in isolation before its final switchover, thus ensuring the VMs indeed boot for critical applications. Migration scenarios are drafted based on the following priority criteria:. Eric draws from his expertise to explain the transformations that VMware vSphere 5 implies and the challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the proper architecture is selected and that its components are optimized.

Rene-Frangois first specialized in disaster recovery plans and service continuity. Then, his experience at Dell allowed him to gain expertise in virtualization, including rationalization, consolidation, and datacenter-relocation challenges. At EMC, he is now in charge of strategic transformation and private cloud IT projects for enterprise accounts. VMware Press. In addition, the VMware training curriculum is shifting to a role based approach, with courses aligned to roles and technology tracks, and learning paths to help practitioners identify what courses will prepare them both to be successful in their real-world roles and to achieve VMware certification status.

These patches address several critical security issues. Detailed information regarding resolved and known issues and enhancements can be found in these Knowledge Base articles:.

Real-life VMware virtualization pitfalls: Free chapter download

VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5. This release is an update to vCenter Operations Manager 5.

It supports the latest announced VMware vSphere 5. It is highly recommended that customers update to this release. VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.

VMWare: Is there a Future in the Datacenter? – Digital Innovation and Transformation

This release supports the latest announced VMware vSphere 5. Along the path to Cloud Computing, we have had some great successes, learned valuable lessons and have emerged with information to share.


Our Cloud strategy fuels our evolution, and we consider the adoption of our own solutions to be both critical and unique. The solutions you will find here deliver rich on-demand services and showcase VMware as a trusted partner in creating agile, secure and cost-effective cloud solutions for our customers.

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VMware continues to drive the journey to Cloud Computing by acquiring, developing and utilizing technologies that will inspire our customers on their own journeys. This three-layer approach enables us to fully leverage the capabilities of the Cloud while creating a comprehensive, cost-effective and streamlined offering for our customers.

This site brings you to case studies and analysis from our own journey - real-world examples on how IT can truly transform the business.

Steve Herrod Dr. Herrod focuses on the software-defined datacenter SDDC.

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  4. A software-defined datacenter is where all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, and the control of this datacenter is entirely automated by software. Musings on our Post PC, Multi-Device World by Scott Davis Davis discusses the ideal persistent desktop, desktop-as-a-service, the managed mobile workspace and the technical preview of user interface virtualization.

    Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 5.

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    In Storage Implementation in vSphere 5. Mostafa Khalil brings together detailed techniques and guidelines, insights for better architectural design, planning and management best practices, common configuration details, and deep dives into both vSphere and external storage-related technologies. He gives technical professionals the deep understanding they need to make better choices, solve problems, and keep problems from occurring in the first place. What happens if you misconfigure it? How can you tell from logs and other tools that you have a problem - and how do you fix it?