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Some Merchandise-Driven shows sport a variation, where it's the merchandising that takes a hit. Showing off a Red Ranger figure in the playground is cool , showing off a Pink Ranger figure is an invitation to get beaten up. Or at least that's what toy companies think; even when the girls aren't dressed up in bright pink they'll just assume no boy will be interested in buying their stuff.

This attitude isn't as prevalent as it once was, but it's still rather pervasive. Since Most Writers Are Male , they're going to go for the greatest audience available or at least, what they think is the greatest audience and the stigma is still entrenched not only in entertainment, but in Real Life as well. Sign In Don't have an account? The Darker and Edgier product received mixed reviews and made less money than any other movie of its year.

GHETTO GAMING: girls games???!!!?

Avatar: The Last Airbender got hit with the merchandising version; with no female action figures even though girls made up a good half of the cast. What made this even more jarring was that male characters who only appeared in a few episodes, like Jet, got action figures, but Katara, an Action Girl and a member of the MAIN CAST appearing in all episodes except "Zuko Alone" never got one, neither did Toph, also a main character from the second season onward despite being more of a tomboy, nor the villainess Azula, even though her less competant brother Zuko and his less competant rival Zhao did get figures.

Robot Chicken demonstrates how Sex and the City can gain the male audience. When she asks if Bart has any girl comics for her to read, Bart says he doesn't but his sister has a wide collection of crappy comics. Disney Channel commissioned Phineas and Ferb , despite various worries about it, because they needed a show to attract young boys. Considering Disney's female-targeted fare currently doesn't seem to be doing nearly as well, it's just another example of this trope in action.

Breaking Out of the Ghetto Edit. General Edit As discussed here, Fairy Tales as a whole tend to invert this trope hard. Fairy tales with a female protagonist, like Cinderella or Snow White, tend be much more popular and iconic than stories with a male hero. Another good way to transcend the ghetto is to create a capable action heroine, but then have her go on all her adventures in the skimpiest clothing imaginable.

Then both women and men will watch, but men presumably for all the "wrong" reasons. Anime and Manga Edit Hayao Miyazaki 's frequent use of female protagonists hasn't stopped his movies from earning critical acclaim. Film-Live Action Edit Bridesmaids ' aversion of this trope was a major factor in its success. A lot of the reviews praised it for being a female-centric comedy that wasn't a Strictly Formula rom-com , and apparently, a lot of female moviegoers agreed.

Female writers at Slate. The movie adaptation of The Hunger Games received good reviews and hefty box office returns.

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Literature Edit Little House on the Prairie. It doesn't hurt that Laura is the most tomboyish of the three Ingalls daughters. The Hunger Games is a young adult series with a female lead that sold well and got very positive reviews. However, it has also received significant backlash from the Twilight Hatedom that sees it as a Follow the Leader. Live-Action Television Edit Clarissa Explains It All was groundbreaking not only in its content, but because it finally disproved the common at the time thinking for children's television—that boys would NOT watch a show starring a girl.

Nickelodeon proved everyone wrong by making Clarissa—a smart, funny, free-thinking girl, who was only a tiny bit tomboyish —the lead character and one of the most recognizable characters in that time period. Much of Nickelodeon's future programming, from The Secret World of Alex Mack to iCarly , has had similar "girly girls" in the lead roles, and also pushed tons of girls' merchandise in the pink aisles of toy stores—all without sacrificing boy viewers. Melissa Joan Hart 's follow-up series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was even more succesful in that regard, having smart and funny female leads, running for 7 years and having almost equal popularity in both male and female demographics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a successful, well-regarded TV show that had a female lead and, for a time, a majority female cast. Its fanbase includes a good mix of males and females. Professional Wrestling Edit Despite many ignorant fans claiming that it's impossible for women's wrestling to draw, history provides several examples: Wendi Richter's partnership with Cyndi Lauper helped kickstart the "Rock N Wrestling Connection" and brought wrestling to mainstream success.

This helped draw in both male and female viewers, judging from the crowd reaction to the match at the first Wrestlemania. In while critics were slating the WWE product as a whole, the women's division was arguably at its peak and nearly all the women's matches on PPV that year were praised as being the high points of disappointing shows. Both male and female fans have spoken up about how much they enjoyed the feud between Trish Stratus and Victoria which involved various hardcore matches. Also, Lita and Trish Stratus's match in the main event of Raw earned a 3.

Trish Stratus's retirement match at Unforgiven was also highly received by fans and critics being called match of the night. Similarly in TNA , the Knockouts division in and proved to be a huge ratings draw for the feud between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong and the women have main evented quite a few Impacts and drawn plenty of ratings for them.

Watch this indie match. Listen to when the male crowd starts chanting "best match ever! However, one should note Metroid: Other M ; this was the first game to show Samus' personality beyond "stoic badass" and, well, let's just say there were a lot of arguments involving gender politics. Portal whose only two seen characters are both females, but managed to become a huge hit despite it. Visual Novels Edit Hakuouki has a decent-sized male fanbase, despite being an dating sim aimed at young women about The Ingenue finding love with a handsome, protective samurai.

She managed to be both quirky and vaguely nerdy jazz music, Beat poetry, etc. A very good example of an animated female character whom boys could not only like, but identify with. Raggedy Ann and Andy A Musical Adventure has become a cult hit for Generation X-ers and Generation Y-ers of both sexes, despite roughly half the protagonist characters being female with the male lead mostly reduced to a condescending "sidekick" role and almost all of the antagonist characters being male. And of course, the basic story is more than a little indebted to Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz - two other tales that have always been popular with both female and male audiences despite having a female lead.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic has a huge male following who call themselves " Bronies " , most of whom had to be cajoled to watch it first because of this very reason, but eventually became hooked.

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Not only is this a show about ponies and magic, but there are literally six female main characters and one male character. She Ra Princess of Power was an interesting case. She-Ra was meant to basically be the Distaff Counterpart of He Man and The Masters of The Universe , but despite having a female lead and a brighter color palette the tone wasn't all that different from its predecessor, especially since the series has Hordak technically a MOTU character as the lead villain, whereas the toyline has Catra as the Big Bad. So it basically attracted most of the same audience that He-Man did, despite trying to be a girl's show.

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A girl who wasn't into He-Man probably wouldn't be into She-Ra either, but a boy who liked He-Man would usually like She-Ra too unless scared off by the fact that it was supposed to be for girls. Jem was also popular with male viewers but aimed at females. This is probably due to a mix of action-packed plotlines, mild fanservice The Powerpuff Girls was another cartoon that was admirably able to avoid the Girl Show Ghetto and attract an audience of both genders. Daria has a tendency to focus on its female characters more often than the male ones, but quite a few boys and men like it, too.

Kim Possible stars a well-renowned Action Girl with an incompetent male sidekick, yet managed to gain a rather large fanbase. This included male viewers. Although Avatar: The Last Airbender had a problem with the merchandising noted above , the show itself was an aversion, as the cast's gender ratio became weighted in favor of females during the second season without losing its male audience - in fact, most of the girls became fan favorites. This encouraged the creators to go ahead and put a girl as the main character of the Sequel Series , The Legend of Korra , which absolutely nobody in the fanbase has a problem with.

The creators admit that when first selling Korra Nick execs didn't want to greenlight it for this very reason.

Dang, we were fresh. SMH.

An interview said that when brought before a test audience of boys they " didn't care that Korra was a girl. According to Word of God , Rika Nonaka and Renamon were specifically designed to try and break out of the ghetto the toyline had, by making them badass action girls that would appeal to boys as well as girls. Defied with Digimon Adventure tri. Ojamajo Doremi was picked up by 4Kids in the United States primarily because they wanted to expand their channel demographics, as the shows on their roster at the time only attracted boys.

When the show still failed to draw in female viewers, they promptly dropped it.

Not only are children's shoujo anime the least likely to be licensed in an era where almost everything else is automatically licensed soon after it's announced, they're often unlikely to be license rescued should they be dropped. In the modern era, Aikatsu! Comic Books. Wonder Woman has had this problem. She's supposed to be one of DC's Big Three superheroes next to Batman and Superman , but they have had regular TV and movie adaptations while Diana's had a total of two , one TV series and one film three if you count a direct-to-video animated feature.

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  • She's never been on the same level of sales as Batman and Superman and suffers from less Pop-Cultural Osmosis compared to them most people would instantly recognize the name "Wonder Woman" easily enough, but not her supporting cast or Rogues Gallery. The irony here is that Wonder Woman was created for girls, but for the specific purpose of having a female action hero who was equal to her male counterparts.

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    • But, apparently, being a literal Amazon still doesn't make you as "manly" as the most Badass Normal male hero. A prime example of this would be the critically acclaimed and fairly successful pre- New 52 version of Batgirl , written by Bryan Q Miller, who at the time was new to the scene and as such didn't have a following that would help most books start off.

      The series is still recommended by comic book stores due to being fun and awesome, but its been reported that more than not, the book gets turned down because it's 'a girl book'. Some Fan Fiction writers hypothesize that Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls is the reason why 'fanfiction' is considered to be so viscerally disgusting by so many people.

      It's worth observing that on this wiki, most of the fanfiction included in tropes lists is either adventure-based stuff often written by boys Shinji and Warhammer 40k , or relationship-based stuff that's legendarily bad My Immortal. Jenkins goes as far to postulate in Textual Poachers that Fan Fic in general is a reaction on the part of a female audience trying to find their own pleasures in predominantly-male media.


      Films — Animation. The Princess and the Frog did okay at the box office for Disney, but not nearly as well as its reviews and hype suggested that it would. Disney determined that this trope was the reason and was rumored to completely shut down adapting fairy tales into movies. For the marketing of their " Rapunzel " adaptation the following year, they completely downplayed the fairy tale-ness of the movie, changed the title to the somewhat more comedic-sounding Tangled , put the male hero character front and center, and marketed it like a Dreamworks comedy film.

      At least one Beauty and the Beast ad completely downplayed Belle's role and the romance this one. However, that's only one of the six trailers included on the DVD and Blu-Ray, and the actual theatrical trailer made no bones about the movie being about a woman and a romance. However, this may be due to the marketing focusing exclusively on Stitch, a presumably-male alien.