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I always think of time in terms of sports seasons. That is how my mind works. Earlier that same week was the MLB Draft. My husband was admitted to the hospital by then, and I missed most of it. That is how his mind worked.

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Our love was about so much more than sports, but sports always played a central role. We met in October Both of us were working for The Daily Northwestern , me as a design editor and Chris as a news editor.

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We had both recently gone through break-ups and mutual friends from the paper set us up. No rebound has ever been sweeter. One of our first dates was a Northwestern football game. Chris was from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and he told me later that it endeared him to me that I — a California girl — made it through the entire game despite the driving snow and not being able to feel my feet.

To be honest, being at the game with him, I would have stood in the snow forever.

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Over the years, our interests mostly aligned, with the exception of our favorite NFL team. Ultimately, it was that rivalry that made me know I wanted to marry him.

I was supposed to fly back to Evanston for school the day before the game, but there was a huge snowstorm in the Midwest and it pushed my flight back to the day of the game. The El involved going all the way downtown before coming back out to the suburbs; cab drivers were often reluctant to get you there, preferring to go into the city, and the weather could make it a tough ride. Chris had come down from Green Bay a few days earlier but had caught a bad cold and was laid up for most of that weekend.

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When I talked to him before the flight, I told him it was OK if I took a cab back rather than him picking me up at the airport. The pilot knew his audience and piped the radio broadcast of the game through one of the channels at each seat. As the game wound down to the final seconds, I was torn between wanting the Niners to win and wanting a ride back to campus. Steve Young dropped back to pass, he stumbled and the signal for the station turned to static.

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When I got off the plane, I immediately began thinking of how I was going to hail a cab in the snow. I reached the end of the walkway tunnel and there was Chris with a funny grin on his face. Chris was a year ahead of me in school and he moved to Washington, D. I followed him in June Baseball had always been my first love in terms of sports, but for most of the time I was in college, it took a back burner to other activities.

Chris had grown up rooting for Bay Area baseball teams despite living in Wisconsin, a product of his grandmother residing in the Sacramento area. We got married on May 26, , just days after Jeremy Giambi was unceremoniously shipped to the Phillies. We were in the Bay Area then, getting ready for the wedding and our puzzlement over that trade helped us get through the pre-wedding jitters. Later that summer, we were back in D. There was a new blog network called MVN that put a call out for writers.

We had just returned from spring training in and Chris encouraged me to try out for the spot. Chris encouraged me. And so began OaklandClubhouse — a name he created — which, until our first son was born in , was our baby.

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During the regular season, we would spend two weekends a month driving to Stockton or Sacramento to cover Ports and River Cats games. We also would go down to Phoenix every year for a few days of spring training. We were always a team — me with my recorder and him with his camera. I would write thousands of articles at Scout, but I was always the most proud of the photo galleries I put together of his shoots at those games. You make me feel the way A woman is supposed to feel So let me show you, show you My love's for real.

Love for All Seasons

I'll be the rain in your summer the chill in your fall I'll be watcha want anything at all I've got a love for all seasons A love for all time. I'll be the fire in your winter the sun in your spring I'll do what you want give ya everything I've got a love for all seasons A love for all time. I'll be there for you Keepin' you warm through the storm I'll guide you stand by you Until the stars fall from the sky. When you call me I never hesitate makin' you wait For my love never lie love It's something that I just can't deny.

I'll read your each and every feelin' When you need me to So now I gotta let you know This love's for you. You don't have to search no more Baby you don't have to dream 'Cause what I've got inside for you Is all that you'll ever need.

You don't have to search no more My heart is your's for real for sure You don't have to wonder why I'll never leave, I'll never lie. I'll be the fire in your winter the sun in your spring I'll do what you want give ya everything I've got a love for all seasons.